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As IT monitoring software, servereye is a true multi-tool with which you can monitor and maintain the IT systems entrusted to you as simply as possible and as securely as necessary. The intelligent Remote Monitoring & Management takes care of numerous tasks for you, which enables you to intervene quickly and troubleshoot at short notice in the event of a server disruption.

From server monitoring to patch management – with servereye you can identify threats before they become problems. Choose our IT monitoring software and rely on a ready-to-use IT solution of proven quality – 100% made in Germany!

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IT Monitoring Software - Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) with servereye

servereye RMM was developed by us to make day-to-day IT work much simpler for system houses. First-class, user-friendly tools for IT monitoring create a clear workflow that makes the organization of your IT services more efficient. With the use of our intuitive remote monitoring & management solution, you have IT monitoring software at your disposal that offers you numerous options to drive the growth of your business. Among other things, you benefit from the fact that it compensates for a shortage of skilled workers and existing resources are supported with intelligent functions and automation.

Our IT-monitoring software – all features at-a-glance


IT-monitoring software for the management of the entire IT infrastructure

With servereye, you analyze and manage the IT infrastructure of your customers in real time, around the clock. Hundreds of sensors compare your measured values with specified data parameters and sound an alarm in an emergency. Our IT-monitoring software draws your attention to critical processes that could cause massive damage. A comprehensive data analysis is the basis of successful IT monitoring.

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Smart Updates

Revolutionize your update process

With Smart Updates, we have integrated an intelligent solution into our remote monitoring & management tool that automatically updates your IT infrastructure and relieves you of a lot of work. You define the rules in advance and retain control over the process. As part of our IT-monitoring software, Smart Updates takes care of the exact execution and keeps your computers up to date – while being fully Microsoft-compliant. Not only are important Windows updates installed, but numerous other applications, such as Adobe Reader or Google Chrome, are also updated.

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Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus in servereye protects your IT systems

With our Managed Antivirus we recognize a wide variety of threats and provide you with effective protection for your customers’ IT systems. The result is permanent security that is managed simply and centrally in the IT-monitoring software, servereye.

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IT-monitoring software offers system houses future security

servereye Anti-Ransom prevents infected files from running. The protection extends over the entire network of the IT landscape and all of your customers’ clients benefit from this relevant security function of our monitoring software.


Easily maintain systems from anywhere

Are you looking for remote maintenance software that adheres to Germany’s high standards of quality and with which you can remotely maintain all of your customers’ clients centrally, quickly and reliably? We have integrated the remote maintenance software pcvisit into our in-house IT-monitoring software, servereye, which offers quick and easy full access to your customer systems. The graphical interface shows you your customers’ current monitor view. Using our remote monitoring & management tool, you can enter keyboard and mouse inputs as if you were on-site at the customer’s location.

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Remote PowerShell

Systems control from anywhere

We have integrated Microsoft PowerShell in servereye to make the administration of Windows systems easier for you. Remote PowerShell is part of our remote monitoring & management tool and enables the configuration of any Windows computer. You work directly in the browser and no further installations are necessary. From our Online Control Center (OCC), you issue all commands to carry out any actions in the Windows operating system. You can manage your Windows computers from anywhere in the world and access our IT monitoring software. The operation of the Remote PowerShell is simple, flexible and future-oriented.

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KIM – Kunden Intelligent Managen

Involve your customers in upcoming system work

KIM helps you to make communication with customers easier and, above all, more reliable. The message is displayed as a Windows notification until the logged-in user has reacted to it.

This means that the notification is waiting for the user – even if the user is away from his/her desk. This ensures that no more important messages are lost.

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Regardless of whether it is a matter of simplified work processes or a high level of security for your IT landscape – servereye is the right IT-monitoring software for your needs. Ease-of-use, a large scope of services and “Made in Germany” quality make our software solution a reliable remote monitoring & management tool for IT service providers of all kinds.

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IT-monitoring software & more from a single source – the foundation of our success is our team

As a team, we set ourselves clear and common goals from the start. Based on this, we always do our best to implement our vision together. This creates a bond and ensures that the entire team is committed to achieving these goals. Each of us has his or her own special skills and competencies. These are bundled in a team and are one of the reasons that our in-house IT monitoring software has successfully established itself on the German market. This creates excellent results year on year. Reliability, trust and teamwork are our top priorities. Everyone at servereye is an important part of the team and contributes to continuing to create great things together and ensuring a successful future.

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The opinion of our customers is important to us because quality goes hand in hand with customer orientation. We can only achieve long-term success when we have satisfied customers.

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The story behind servereye

We actually developed servereye as IT-monitoring software for ourselves a long time ago. The small multi-tool proved itself to be invaluable in our everyday work. Therefore, over time, we designed a full-fledged remote monitoring & management product based on it, and this continues to benefit customers like you today.

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Remote monitoring & managementMore than just server-monitoring software

The areas of application for our IT monitoring software Server Eye are diverse. It not only offers excellent security features, but is also very easy to use. This is what our software does as a remote monitoring & management tool:

The components of servereye

  • monitor any number of IT infrastructure components in one interface
  • inform you immediately about malfunctions according to clear guidelines
  • help you to plan updates and maintenance measures
  • perform program updates automatically, intelligently and with self-healing capabilities
  • prevent the installation of malware
  • offer you a secure connection for remote maintenance

Which manufacturers are supported by our monitoring software?

servereye supports all common manufacturers and their products.
We even offer platform-monitoring for manufacturers of platforms, such as Lexware or DATEV.

Joe Schuh
Customer advisory

No matter the issue… Just give us a call and we will help you get started.

Do you have a question about using servereye? We’re here to help.