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IT Monitoring with servereye

Monitoring of Hardware, Software, Networks and  Communication.

servereye offers solutions with which you as a partner or system house can optimally serve the needs of your customers. The monitoring software keeps track of all processes around the clock, detects disruptions immediately and informs everyone who is responsible for them, no matter where he or she is, anywhere in the world.


With servereye, you can monitor any number of IT infrastructure components in one interface —   regardless of whether it is hardware, software, networks or communication devices. You can determine the number and duration of the monitoring intervals yourself. We support infrastructure components of all common manufacturers.

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Reports give you an overview of all the systems you are monitoring.

With this proactive monitoring, errors can usually be rectified before they become problems and you can offer your customers added value to your service.

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E-mail, push notification, SMS or TANSS ticket inform you about critical conditions or the need for action regarding hardware, software, a network or peripherals. It is possible to communicate about triggered alerts with other users directly in the servereye interface.

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Managed Antivirus

Our antivirus software with central administration – Manage all of your customers’ systems centrally, provide them with updates and monitor them for threats. You can carry out these tasks easily using the familiar servereye interface.

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Smart Updates

Easy installation of Microsoft patches on all clients via the familiar servereye interface – Install the patches provided by Microsoft securely, quickly and reliably on all your customers’ systems centrally.

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Remote Maintenance

Remote support on all clients managed in servereye – With the familiar servereye interface, you can remotely maintain all your customers’ clients centrally, quickly and reliably.

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With the help of over 400 flexibly configurable sensors, servereye enables you to automatically monitor all your IT systems.We offer all the necessary monitoring - if not, we will create the appropriate sensor according to your specifications.

Monitor the vital signs of your hardware with little effort expended on configuration

servereye ensures that everything runs smoothly by informing you of hardware problems before they become acute. In doing so, it helps you avoid expensive downtimes. The specialized sensors are adapted to your hardware. Regardless of whether you use an HP server, Dell server, Intel modular server or a 3ware RAID, any type of server can be tested with servereye.

  • RAID systems
  • Server security
  • Server backup
  • CPU temperature
  • Fan speed
  • UPS devices
  • External hard drives
  • and much more

With servereye not only the “hard” values can be monitored, but also many software products and this even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even if the colleague who is supposed to check it is on holiday, you will not miss anything with servereye.

With the servereye software sensors you check the successful backup of critical data for a variety of backup solutions. But this is not all you can check with the software sensors.

  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Virus protection
  • Backup
  • E-Mail
  • Websites
  • and much more

servereye gives you an overview of all devices in your network. All important data is available in the Online Control Center. You can select and create your sensors for easy monitoring of the network in a few seconds.

  • TCP/IP services
  • Network security
  • SNMP
  • Accessibility of network devices
  • and much more

Monitor communication channels such as email or telephone. With our prefabricated sensors for many common suppliers you keep the overview

  • Mailflow
  • Exchange
  • Telephone systems
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The Online Control Center

Always have an overview of all customers and systems.

Keep everything in view with the OCC and also be able to adjust parameters and configure sensors.
Easy, self-explanatory, quick and immediate use of all features.

Central control

The Online Control Center (OCC) is servereye’s central control interface. All monitoring is created and configured here, and all measurement values come together here and are evaluated. Measurement values can be displayed graphically and in tabular form at any time.

Worldwide availability

The OCC is a web application and can therefore be used from any computer with internet access. See the current status of your sensors at a glance. Changes are shown in real time, so that you do not lose any information. Navigate elegantly to your sensors to view current measurement values or notifications.

Ease of use

During development, we attach great importance to ease-of-use. Even with basic knowledge, you can set up most sensors and use them successfully. No more reading for hours into any topic or time-consuming searches on the Internet for any values, for example to check your own printer’s toner levels. We relieve you of as much work as possible.

Optimized for every presentation

Everyone has their own preferences. We have also taken this into account and offer three different views in the OCC for the systems you are monitoring. Therefore, everyone can individually decide for themselves what is best for them.

Online Control Center

The online control center, with its dashboard, is the standard view of servereye. In addition to the log view, which shows the last messages from the sensor, the dashboard also offers a graph view. The graph is suitable for displaying developments over periods of time, e.g. to display the evolving status of the toner level of a network printer. All settings for sensors and customer data can also be made in the Online Control Center.


The wall concentrates on the essentials because this is where the sensors are in focus. It is therefore the ideal tool for operational control in a tech professional’s office. The wall is tablet-optimized and, if desired, shows not only the alerts in chronological order, but also sensors without errors and sensors that are being processed. You can filter for each status, customer, server or sensor. In the settings, you can determine which information is displayed and how detailed it is. Of course, you can also comment on the error messages directly in the wall.


The servereye app for Android Phones and iPhones offers you the same views, functionality and options of the new Wall view. If you wish, you will be informed of any errors via push notification and you can also communicate with other tech professionals while you are out and about.

“servereye is installed in 2 minutes and after 10 minutes, you can monitor the first server – after 1 hour, a whole network.
Installation and use are simple and every step is logical. “

Tobias Weber, servereye Support

Connected Monitoring – for faster teamwork

Companies that rely on teamwork need reliable communication among all employees involved in a project and intelligent monitoring of the tools used. servereye offers you the “Connected Monitoring” function.

Comment function

Using Connected Monitoring, you can communicate with other users directly about triggered alerts. Team leads or other servereye users can use the OCC to:

  • See how long it has been since an error has occurred and what has already been done
  • Send queries about errors to other tech professionals by e-mail
  • Distribute and take over tasks related to errors
  • View message history – stay on top of things.
  • App for iPhone and Android

Interface for ticket systems

Our interface to ticket systems such as “TANSS” enables tickets to be created automatically in the event of errors, in order to further deal with them using the ticket system.

  • Automatic ticket creation
  • Compatible with many ticket systems (e.g. TANSS)
  • Synchronization between comments and error messages between servereye and TANSS

Faster communication, lower costs, happier customers.


Whether by e-mail, SMS, push notification or as a TANSS ticket – with servereye you are well informed about the status of your systems.


The e-mail is the most detailed form of alert notification. In addition to the information about the customer and server, you will also receive the full error text from the sensor. With the help of various links, you can react to the alarm directly from the e-mail. One click takes you directly to the corresponding sensor in the Online Control Center, or you can take over processing of the error.


This alert is even faster than emails, getting to you in a few seconds. This enables you to react even faster to critical errors. You will, of course, also receive the customer name and the affected server, as well as the error message in abbreviated form. Further information on our SMS service and registration can be found here.

Push Notification

Our servereye app is available for all current smartphones and tablets, it shows the servers and sensors for which the tech professional is responsible. Once you have installed the app, you can activate the push notification in the settings and receive every alert directly on your smartphone. The app is a mandatory requirement for this and is available in the Apple Store and the Google Playstore.

TANSS Ticket

Alarms are created directly in the Tanss service management solution. Tickets are automatically assigned to the correct resources and can be processed normally. Once the alert status has ended, e.g. by rectifying the error, this is noted in the Tanss ticket.

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