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Managed antivirus software for simple & centralized administration

With the servereye interface, you can manage all of your customers’ systems centrally, clearly and quickly. Detect threats instantly and act immediately. servereye Managed Antivirus offers a simple and comprehensive solution.

Why Managed Antivirus?

Without simple and smooth management, it can quickly become complicated to use antivirus software effectively on different clients. This is exactly where managed antivirus comes in. In addition to reliable monitoring, the servereye interface also enables the conducting of installations and configurations on servers and clients.

The advantages of managed antivirus at a glance

  • Centralized administration of all clients in one interface
  • Reliable monitoring
  • Protection by Avira, ESET or Microsoft Defender
  • Installation, configuration & more
  • Licensing included, depending on the provider

What can  Managed Antivirus do?

With Managed Antivirus, we offer servereye users an effective solution for protecting against viruses, spyware, rootkits and malware. But that’s not all:

  • Web protection: Web protection reliably warns against phishing scams for infected websites and drive-by downloads from emails.
  • Device control: With Managed Antivirus, you can determine, from a central point, how users can access different devices and media.
  • E-Mail protection: Effectively secure mailboxes against malware, viruses, spam and more.
  • Ransomware protection: Managed Antivirus prevents the implementation of ransomware and thus ensures optimal protection.

The great advantage of Managed Antivirus is the simplification of the administrative effort. All important functions for your clients can be managed via the servereye interface.

  • servereye Managed Antivirus supports all client operating systems from Windows 7 and all server operating systems from Server 2008 R2.
  • With Managed Antivirus, you have central access to all functions of your antivirus software and can use them centrally for all clients.
  • Licensing takes place directly via servereye Managed Antivirus, which means that you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

Save time and resources when managing your antivirus software. Whether Microsoft Defender, Avira or Eset: With servereye, you have access to all important functions and work across customers on all clients.

Important note: Microsoft discontinued support for Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008R2 and Exchange 2010 in early 2020. There will be no further security updates for these systems. Any further use can therefore not be recommended and may even represent gross negligence. There is a high risk of user-controlled access to the Internet, especially on client systems.

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Microsoft Windows Defender

Managed Antivirus in use - How our software protects you against digital risks

Everything at a glance

Managed Antivirus with servereye enables you to bundle all of your customers’ clients in a centralized interface and keep them in view. With just a few clicks, you can select specific clients, install updates and take further measures.

Comprehensive Monitoring

From protecting you while surfing the net to blocking malicious applications, Managed Antivirus keeps an eye on your network. This keeps your systems virus-free and your data secure.

The right license at the push of a button

Does your customer prefer a certain antivirus software? Use our license service to provide the right antivirus software for every customer. Everything is set up in just a few steps using our Managed Antivirus software.

Managed Antivirus FAQ

How should I use Managed Antivirus or offer it to my customers?

If you use managed antivirus for your customers or would like to offer it to them, we always recommend this in connection with servereye monitoring and/or patch management. Managed Antivirus is a practical solution, but if implemented as a stand-alone solution, numerous advantages that result from the connection with our monitoring services are lost.

Can Managed Antivirus be used as a replacement for a management server?

The installation of antivirus software on the client is always done separately and is therefore self-sufficient. Updates are not obtained centrally, but from each installation individually. Managed antivirus is therefore not a replacement for a management server, but rather enables bulk management of all clients.

Can I include existing licenses in Managed Antivirus?

No, with Managed Antivirus it is not possible to integrate existing licenses. Licensing is always included in the offer. Managed Antivirus is thus ideally suited to equipping multiple clients with antivirus software licenses in an uncomplicated and direct way and then managing them centrally.

Can Managed Antivirus also be used on terminal servers?

Avira: Technically, installation on terminal servers is possible, but there is no official compatibility with Avira. We therefore recommend installation at your own risk and we expressly warn you of possible malfunctions and other side effects.
ESET & Microsoft Defender: Installation and operation of Managed Antivirus with ESET and Microsoft Defender is possible on terminal servers. We would be glad to help you personally.

Do you still have questions about Managed Antivirus from servereye?

Then let us advise you! We will be glad to help you personally and help you find the solution that best meets your requirements.

Please contact us

Monitoring options

With the help of over 400 flexibly configurable sensors, servereye enables you to automatically monitor all your IT systems. We offer all the necessary monitoring – if not, we will create the appropriate sensor according to your specifications.

Monitor the vital signs of your hardware with little effort expended on configuration

servereye ensures that everything runs smoothly by informing you of hardware problems before they become acute. In doing so, it helps you avoid expensive downtimes. The specialized sensors are adapted to your hardware. Regardless of whether you use an HP server, Dell server, Intel modular server or a 3ware RAID, any type of server can be tested with servereye.

  • RAID systems
  • Server security
  • Server Backup
  • CPU temperature
  • Fan speed
  • UPS devices
  • External hard drives
  • and much more

With servereye not only the “hard” values can be monitored, but also many software products and this even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even if the colleague who is supposed to check it is on holiday, you will not miss anything with servereye.
With the servereye software sensors you check the successful backup of critical data for a variety of backup solutions. But this is not all you can check with the software sensors.

  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Virus security
  • Backup
  • E-Mail
  • Websites
  • and much more

servereye gives you an overview of all devices in your network. All important data is available in the Online Control Center. You can select and create your sensors for easy monitoring of the network in a few seconds.

  • TCP/IP services
  • Network security
  • SNMP
  • Accessibility of network devices
  • and much more

Monitor communication channels such as email or telephone. With our prefabricated sensors for many common suppliers you keep the overview

  • Mailflow
  • Exchange
  • Telephone systems