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Remote support on all clients managed in servereye

Are you looking for remote maintenance software that adheres to Germany’s high standards of quality and with which you can remotely maintain all of your customers’ clients centrally, quickly and reliably? With our remote maintenance solution, you can carry out these tasks easily using the familiar servereye interface.

Remote maintenance in the servereye interface

All messages converge in the servereye interface and can be clearly filtered by customer or keywords. With remote maintenance, you get direct access to the client with just one click. In addition, you can monitor your entire IT infrastructure with servereye and benefit from the integrated extensions, such as managed antivirus and patch management. Find out about the managed service platform for system houses.


  • Fast access to clients
  • Unlimited simultaneous remote maintenance is available
  • No limit to the number of installed remote hosts
  • Uncomplicated customer availability behind firewalls and proxy servers

 Easy handling

  • Easiest operation for you and your customers
  • Overview of all clients in the servereye interface
  • Highly optimized compression process for narrowband lines

German manufacturer

  • Data protection 100% “Made in Germany”
  • Development, support & operation in Germany
  • servereye has stood for IT monitoring since 1999
  • Our partner - pcvisit Software AG - has all connection servers in German data centers


Use the servereye platform to monitor your IT infrastructure and benefit from the integrated extensions for managed antivirus, patch management and remote maintenance.

The Managed Service Platform for system houses

servereye offers four solutions in one interface

servereye is the ideal solution for monitoring all essential processes of an IT infrastructure and recognizing dangers before they become problems. This increases the stability and availability of IT systems and frees up the employees responsible for such tasks.

IT Monitoring

Monitoring of hardware, software and networks with notifications

More about IT Monitoring 

Managed Antivirus

Antivirus software with central administration

More about Managed Antivirus 

Smart Updates

Easy installation of Microsoft patches on all clients

More about Smart Updates

Remote Maintenance

Remote support on all clients managed in servereye

More about Remote Maintenance 

Monitoring capabilities

With the help of over 400 flexibly configurable sensors, servereye enables you to automatically monitor all your IT systems. We offer all the necessary monitoring – if not, we will create the appropriate sensor according to your specifications.

Monitor the vital signs of your hardware with little effort expended on configuration

servereye ensures that everything runs smoothly by informing you of hardware problems before they become acute. In doing so, it helps you avoid expensive downtimes. The specialized sensors are adapted to your hardware. Regardless of whether you use an HP server, Dell server, Intel modular server or a 3ware RAID, any type of server can be tested with servereye.

  • RAID systems
  • Server security
  • Server Backup
  • CPU temperature
  • Fan speed
  • UPS devices
  • External hard drives
  • and much more

With servereye not only the “hard” values can be monitored, but also many software products and this even 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even if the colleague who is supposed to check it is on holiday, you will not miss anything with servereye.

With the servereye software sensors you check the successful backup of critical data for a variety of backup solutions. But this is not all you can check with the software sensors.

  • Operating systems
  • Databases
  • Virus security
  • Backup
  • E-Mail
  • Websites
  • and much more

servereye gives you an overview of all devices in your network. All important data is available in the Online Control Center. You can select and create your sensors for easy monitoring of the network in a few seconds.

  • TCP/IP services
  • Network security
  • SNMP
  • Accessibility of network devices
  • and much more

Monitor communication channels such as email or telephone. With our prefabricated sensors for many common suppliers you keep the overview

  • Mailflow
  • Exchange
  • Telephone systems
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