Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

servereye RMM offers first-class, user-friendly tools for the efficient organization of your IT services. Benefit from powerful software that significantly simplifies and automates your everyday IT work.

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What is Remote Monitoring & Management?

Remote Monitoring & Management is abbreviated as RMM – literally means remote monitoring and management. RMM software makes it possible to monitor and maintain PCs and servers remotely via a central interface. Remote Monitoring & Management makes it easy to keep an eye on your IT infrastructure, organize it from anywhere and detect any problems that arise immediately.

RMM standard functions

Remote Monitoring & Management offers the following functions:

  • Monitoring of the systems in order to be noticed of problems automatically and at an early stage
  • Intervention when issues arise, without having to go to the customer or user
  • Automated and secure importing of updates

servereye RMM functions

servereye’s RMM also has many other helpful functions, which above all simplify the administration and maintenance of customer systems:

  • View of the task manager of the corresponding system in RMM
  • Entering of scheduled tasks
  • Use of a file manager, including the uploading and downloading of files
  • Execution of PowerShell commands and scripts
  • Showing of the Windows event display

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What does our Remote Monitoring & Management do? The features at a glance:

Scheduled Tasks

With RMM Task Scheduling, you can automate tasks. For example, by executing time-controlled programs, commands or even PowerShell scripts.

File Explorer

Via our RMM solution’s file explorer,, files can be easily uploaded and downloaded, moved to other folders or deleted. Just as if you were sitting directly in front of the computer.


Here you can view the disruptions or dubious events of the called system and thus clarify, for example, why a system or process crashed.

PowerShell Repository

The PowerShell directory contains scripts provided by servereye for many standard situations. In addition, a directory can be created for your own company. The scripts can be used with parameters to allow great flexibility in execution.


Sometimes you have to go deep inside operating systems: the registry. You can also comfortably view this in our RMM and even edit it – by adding, changing or deleting keys or values.

servereye RMM is a software made and hosted in Germany.

Best of all, the complete RMM service is already included in the price of the sensor!

Password Vault

With the practical servereye password vault, passwords can be stored in a customer-specific manner or across customers. After saving, these passwords can be used in the entire servereye interface, for example in sensors or login masks.

Security is guaranteed: The passwords that system houses manage for their customers are encoded using a public key encryption process, so that we at servereye have no access to them. Each user who works with the passwords must generate their own key pair.

What makes servereye's Remote Monitoring & Managed Services so special?


In servereye’s RMM, there are exactly the same tools that you use when you work on-site on the customer’s system (PC or server), and these tools look extremely similar to those of the original tools. There are no buttons to accidentally format the hard drive or other shortcuts, but the work feels like it does when done on-site. This ensures safety, as mistakes caused by clicking are much less likely.

But it’s not only the processes that are safe with our Remote Monitoring & Management, but also the data.


Like the other solutions from servereye, the RMM has a very tidy and clear interface. This makes it very easy to use, the symbols, processes (process steps) result from the current task.

Thus, the entire Remote Monitoring & Management has a strong focus.

Data protection (not only DSGVO)

All servereye systems are located on German servers, so you can be sure that German regulations are always met for your data and activities on our systems.

servereye RMM is software made and hosted in Germany!


The possibilities of the servereye RMM do not end at the interface. If you have special requirements, many of them can be post-developed via PowerShell script. In addition, the RMM has an interface through which you can access many functionalities.

Last but not least, the flexibility and focus provide more security.


The RMM provides an interface for the everyday tasks of monitoring and administering the systems. This means it is not overloaded with the functions you only need once a decade.

On the other hand, there is the possibility here to enter PowerShell commands and even an API with which you can fulfil your very own needs.

servereye Remote Monitoring & Management is thus very flexible and offers a suitable tool for just about every situation.

Time and resource saving

as the automation of IT processes compensates for a lack of skilled workers

More profitability

with real-time notification leading to immediate support through reliable remote maintenance

Cut costs

through clear, detailed remote monitoring & management of any number of IT infrastructure components in one interface

Excellent support

thanks to free help, onboarding and training by our competent servereye support team

IT Compliance

through a genuine pay-per-use principle – with our RMM, you only pay for the sensors that you actually use. Billing takes place monthly

Effective monitoring

through smart patch management, backups and simple anti-virus-management

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Remote Monitoring & Management FAQ

Remote Monitoring & Management makes sense if you need a secure yet powerful solution for remote monitoring, management and maintenance for your customers or in your own company. RMM bundles all the necessary functions for this in a practical package that you can ideally adapt to your individual requirements. RMM not only facilitates ongoing processes, but also enables problems to be detected more quickly.

The costs for remote monitoring & management vary from provider to provider. Basically, it is advisable for companies to choose a service that can be customized as much as possible, thus providing an individual cost breakdown. However, money is not everything when it comes to RMM: factors that you should keep a closer eye on are security and fast, personal service from the provider. Here it is well worth investing more in order to benefit from a enduringly powerful RMM solution.

In order to find the right remote monitoring & management solution for your purposes, you should consider the following points:

  • Range of functions: Are all the functionalities that are important to you given?
  • Adaptability: Can the RMM solution be adapted to your needs?
  • Interface: Is the RMM interface customizable and easy for you  to use?
  • Security: Are data and processes sufficiently secured (also considering the server location)?

A reliable RMM provider will first advise you in detail and work together with you to find out how the available remote monitoring & management software can be adapted to your needs. Also pay attention to the services offered: Is a contact person available to you at all times? Does the provider advise you according to your needs? Does the provider remain contactable and provide you with effective support even after the contract has expired? How does the provider guarantee the security of all data and functions? These questions will help you find the right RMM provider.