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A server crash is not only annoying, it can also be expensive. Reliable server monitoring is essential in order to be able to react quickly in the event of an emergency and to have everything under control under normal conditions. Regardless of whether you are an IT service provider, a one-person company or a large corporation: servereye offers you a simple, powerful and flexible solution.

Patrick Schmidt, servereye Development

Server monitoring with strong software made & hosted in Germany:Try servereye now for free!

With servereye, we make server monitoring easier than ever for you. Monitor hardware, software, networks and communications – all with one powerful solution. Download and set-up take just a few minutes, giving you access to these functions:

IT Monitoring

Monitoring of hardware, software and networks with notification

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Managed Antivirus

Antivirus Software with centralized administration

More about Managed Antivirus

Smart Updates

Easy installation of Microsoft patches on all clients

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Remote Maintenance

Remote support on all clients managed in servereye

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Remote PowerShell

Access console for all Windows systems managed in servereye

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With this bundle of functions, servereye offers a high degree of reliability, overview and flexibility. From small systems to a large server network – server monitoring has never been so simple, clear and manageable.

No risk - try servereye for 14 days for free!

You get full access to all the features of the full version and can easily upgrade later at any time.

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Server Monitoring with servereye - your benefits with our solution

Quick and easy to use

Simply click the download button, install servereye, set it up in 2 minutes and you’re done: Your comprehensive server monitoring solution is ready to use.

Can be used anywhere

No matter where or how you want to keep an eye on your servers or your customers’ servers: With servereye you have secure access on any device and anywhere due to its responsive design. You can use your browser thanks to our online control center.

Accessible at any time

24/7 server monitoring and notification in real time: With servereye, you are always up to date. Your changes are also implemented in real time and take effect immediately after they have been input.

For all systems & hardware

Whether it’s Linux, Windows or other systems: servereye is designed for monitoring any number of IT infrastructure components. We offer specific sensor packages for end customers (Lexware and Datev) as well as for IT service providers (Terra and Veeam).

Full cost control

With our server monitoring software, you only pay for the sensors that you actually use. Billing takes place at the end of the month and there is no minimum amount, fixed terms or fees for set-up.

Direct support from a German manufacturer

servereye is made & hosted in Germany – by real nerds! We know our way around and understand what system houses are all about. Our support is not only there for occasional minor questions, but also solves big problems with decades of experience and “nerd power.”

“servereye is installed in two minutes and you can monitor the first server after just ten minutes – an entire network after one hour.
Installation and use are simple and every step is logical. “

Tobias Weber, servereye Support

Server Monitoring from a single source - servereye in action

Let’s have a first look at our servereye software. We will show you how simple and intuitive professional server monitoring can be

Server Monitoring

Easy set-up

Getting started is easy – servereye has its own wizard to help you set up the software. Your server monitoring set-up is fully operational within a few minutes. You just choose what you need, and the software does the rest for you.

The OCC – one interface for everything

Our software makes tailor-made server monitoring child’s play. The dashboard gives you an overview of all resources and active sensors at all times. Here you can carry out individual configurations, make adjustments to the sensors and, in an emergency, quickly initiate the necessary measures – real server monitoring at the push of a button! servereye offers individually optimized views for tablets and mobile phones.

Server Monitoring – control to go

Whether dealing with your own servers or with corporate customers – if problems arise, a quick response is required. That is why servereye scans your systems every minute and informs you if there are problems. From e-mails to push notifications on your mobile phone – if there is an error, you will be notified immediately.

Your choice of sensors – for customized monitoring

Evaluate all incoming data reliably – servereye uses information from various sensors for server monitoring. But that’s not all: You can even configure your own sensors if the right solution is not yet available. Alternatively, you can contact us and ask for specific sensors.

Monitoring at eye-level – easy communication with others

servereye supports “Connected Monitoring” and thus makes it possible to work effectively, either individually or in a team. In this way, those responsible can exchange information about a detected alert, delegate tasks with just a few clicks and immediately see which steps have already been taken.

Regular updates for effective monitoring

If you want to close potential security gaps quickly and effectively, you have to update the relevant programs promptly. servereye has an intelligent patch management system for exactly this, which you can use to configure and import updates, intervals and much more yourself. You do not need this function for servereye itself – here you always have access to the latest version of our server monitoring software.

Server Monitoring made easy - with servereye, you can keep an eye on everything

It has never been so easy to centrally manage and monitor entire server landscapes. Our servereye software bundles together complex processes in a clear and easy-to-understand way on a dashboard. Neither the size of the network nor the systems used matters – our server monitoring solution natively supports a large number of systems and can be adapted to your requirements at short notice if necessary.

The entire system is ready for use within minutes and can be used intuitively and in a decentralized way as a browser application for your entire team. Install updates, check error messages directly or contact your support with application questions – all with just a few clicks via the browser or the app.

Rethink server monitoring – try servereye now and let the many benefits of our software convince you!

Server Monitoring with servereye - Definitely the right software of your server

Security is priceless – but our Monitoring Software  is reasonably priced. Do not be satisfied with compromise solutions any longer and instead opt for holistic server monitoring that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of performance and ease-of-use.

Would you like to find out more about the benefits of servereye? Then take the opportunity to download a non-binding free trial now. No obligation to buy, no hidden fees – just download and use it to the fullest for 14 days.

Any questions? We are happy to help you personally. You can reach us at +49 6881 9362977.